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Acne vulgaris (commonly called acne or pimple) can appear as multiple noninflammatory follicular papules (small red bumps) or comedones (white or black heads) and inflammatory papules, pustules, and nodules (much redder and swollen) in its more severe forms (nodulocystic) . Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) is the anaerobic bacteria that infect theThe causes are genetic (has a tendency to “run” in the family), stress, hormones and diet (high glycaemic diet and cow’s milk). In LS Aesthetic clinic we treat this medically with topical creams and oral medicine including accutance if required. However, aesthetically, we have machines and facial peel protocols to improve the condition. Early treatment is advised to prevent scarring.

Chemical peel treatment basically uses different chemical solutions to “exofoliate” the dead skin layers and bring out the “newer” skin. In LS Aesthetic clinic, we use different chemical solutions for different kind of skin and the doctor will decide the appropriate one. Usually, the patient will feel the improvement of skin texture, pore size reduction and skin colour tone. We also combine this treatment with other relevant treatment using machines and lasers.

Filler as the name suggest is to ‘fill’ up lines and spaces. There are many names of fillers in the market but generally the classficiation is divided into:

a. Hyaluronic acid fillers – as the name suggests, the material is hyaluronic acid which is the’natural’ ingredients of collagen in the skin. This type of filler last generally 4 to 6 months but at certain areas like the bridge of the nose or cheek areas, it may last up to a year.

b. Non Hyaluronic acid fillers – there are a number of this and the more common ones are radiesse (calcium hydroxylapatite), aquamid (polyacrylamide) and sculptra (poly L lactic acid). In LS Aesthetic clinic, we combine various fillers for best result to create volumization and removal of deep lines.

Facial veins are common especially on photodamaged skin and usually occur on the forehead, nose, cheeks, eyelids, neck, and upper chest. The causes are probably hormonal, sun, aging and genetic. Visible veins are most commonly seen in fair-skinned women and usually appear at about 40 years to 50 years old. The appearance does not affect the general health but is an issue comestically.

In LS Aesthetic clinic, we use lasers and topicals to correct this. It can be also associated with rosacea.

Skin rejuvenation is a treatment protocol which reduce wrinkles, treat sun damage spots, tighten skin, improve skin tone/colour and remove damaged blood veins (telangiectasia).

In LS Aesthetic clinic, we use various methods to do this including peels, lasers, limelight, radiofrequency and infrared devices.

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