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    Birthmarks Removal Singapore

    What are birthmarks?

    Birthmarks are permanent blemishes on the skin that are present since birth. Birthmarks range greatly in size, shape and colour: they can have regular or irregular shapes, be flat or raised, or range from being black or brown to being blue or red.

    There are 2 main types of birthmarks:

    • Pigmented birthmarks – caused by an excess of pigment cells under the skin
      These are commonly known as café au lait spots, Mongolian spots, Becker’s nevus, or nevus of ota due to the appearance of such birthmarks.
    • Vascular birthmarks – caused by an excess of blood vessels under the skin
      These are commonly known as port wine stains or strawberry marks due to the appearance of such birthmarks.

    How do I remove my birthmark?

    Lasers are the most effective way of removing birthmarks.

    The treatment protocol for birthmark removal will vary depending on the type of birthmark, as well as its size and treatment area.

    An initial consultation with Dr. Kok is advised, for him to assess the type of birthmark that you have, and the best type of treatment for you.

    How will I feel during treatment?

    Most patients find the treatment perfectly tolerable, some reporting the laser pulses as a slight prickly and warm sensation.

    Our experienced therapist will help you apply a local anaesthetic to the treatment area, and Dr. Kok will take steps to make your treatment as comfortable as possible

    Will there be any side effects?

    As with any skin treatment, there may be side effects, although these are very rare. You may notice slight bruising, redness, or darkening of the treatment area, but these are temporary and should subside shortly. Scarring is generally not a side effect of laser birthmark removal.

    Am I suited for birthmark removal?

    Birthmark removal is generally suitable for all skin types.

    Some patients with darker skin tones may worry that they may develop scars or skin discolouration from the laser treatment, but the use of vascular lasers at appropriate settings can safely yet effectively remove birthmarks on patients with darker skin tones.

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