3 Hacks To Reduce Puffy Eyes

3 Hacks to Reduce Pully Eyes

Getting 8 hours of beauty sleep is the holy grail for fresh-looking eyes and I-woke-up-like-this skin, but we know real life (and maybe Netflix) tends to get in the way. But with some good habits, we can always fool everyone into thinking we got 8 hours of quality rest. Read on for some valuable tips to reduce undereye puffiness:

Watch the salt

When you consume salt, your body holds onto water to maintain a balanced ratio. But when you over-consume salt, this results in fluid retention, which can result in puffy eyes. To make the transition easier, try replacing salt with herbs to keep your food healthy yet flavourful.

Stay Hydrated

Not drinking enough water can make your body store up water, which in turn – and ironically – leads to fluid retention. So stay on top of your water intake – you can set reminders on your phone to remind yourself to hydrate or download water intake tracking apps such as Waterlogged or Fitbit.

Cut back on the booze

Alcohol lowers the level of anti-diuretic hormones – which tell your kidneys how much water to conserve – in your body. Your body then tries to compensate for this temporary dehydration by retaining fluid, resulting in unwanted puffy eyes. Fortunately, this is temporary, but if you have an important social event or business meeting the next day, keep this in mind!

If your peepers still need an extra boost, try an eye cream containing peptides that work to reduce undereye puffiness. Radiofrequency facials also help reduce mild undereye puffiness and stimulate collagen production – and you might get an extra hour of snooze during that 1 hour of treatment!

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