5 Collagen Building Treatments To Try

Collagen: we know this to be the not-so-secret ingredient for anti-aging, and the building block of youthful, supple skin. It essentially functions as a supporting structure for our skin, tendons, and cartilage – think of it as the pillars that support our skin, keeping it supple, firm and lifted.

At LS Aesthetic, we offer a wide range of collagen-boosting treatments, ranging from oral supplements to non-surgical treatments, depending on what you are most comfortable with!

This non-surgical facelift uses the power of highly focused, targeted ultrasound waves to lift and tighten skin while smoothing wrinkles. Through the delivery of focused ultrasound energy into your skin, Ultherapy creates micro-coagulation points at precise depths in your skin.

This triggers your body’s natural collagen reproduction process, stimulating your body to produce new collagen. Over 2-3 months as your new collagen develops and grows, your skin gradually tightens, feeling firmer to the touch.

Souleve Collagen Supplements
It’s not a surprise that taking collagen supplements can help to promote collagen production. At LS Aesthetic, we offer Souleve collagen supplements, which have been clinically proven to cause 20% improvement in skin firmness and 11% wrinkle reduction around the eye area.

Such supplements not only boost collagen production but also prevent photoaging from free radical damage through air pollution, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

Here’s a breakdown of the active ingredients contributing to the effectiveness of Souleve collagen supplements:

Type 1 Collagen:
While there are many different types of collagen, over 90% of our collagen in our bodies are namely Type 1 – 5 collagen, Type 1 being the most abundant. This is precisely what Souleve supplements contain.

In particular, Souleve supplements contain a proprietary blend of bioactive collagen peptides derived from fish skin.

Blueberry Extract:
The blueberry extract in Souleve collagen supplements contains 1% Anthocyanins that have been shown to inhibit collagen degradation, as well as internal inflammation processes that cause photoaging.

Vitamin C:
This is an antioxidant essential for the production of natural collagen and stabilisation of the collagen structure of our body.

There are many different types of fillers in the market, and different types of fillers are made from different materials – this affects a filler’s characteristics and how long it can last for.

If you are looking for collagen-boosting fillers, specifically look for poly-L-lactic acid fillers (e.g. brands like Sculptra) or calcium hydroxylapatite fillers (e.g. brands like Radiesse)

These help to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production processes over time, giving you younger looking skin.

Laser Treatments
Long-pulsed laser treatments are able to safely penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers to stimulate collagen production, apart from reversing sun damage and reducing fine lines. Over time as your body produces new collagen, you’ll find yourself having firmer skin and lesser fine lines.

If you’re worried about pain or downtime, don’t be! We apply a numbing cream before your treatment to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Most of our patients generally find our laser treatments very tolerable.

In terms of downtime, some patients might experience facial redness immediately after the treatment, but this can be easily covered up with makeup. Feel free to resume your usual routine after, but just remember to apply sunblock frequently!

Radiofrequency Facials
Such treatments emit radio waves, which penetrate and are absorbed by your skin tissues. The absorption of radio waves safely heats up your skin tissues, stimulating collagen production, which lifts and tightens your skin.

This is such a relaxing facial that most of our patients tend to doze off during their radiofrequency treatments!

With all that said, take note that there is no instant effect for collagen-boosting treatments! Collagen rebuilding is a natural process in your body and your skin will take some time to react to the treatment and gradually rebuild collagen.

Most of the treatments above will most likely require a few sessions to see results, with the exception of Ultherapy – only 1 session is needed and full results can be seen in 2-3 months time and fillers.

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