5 Essential Bridal Skincare Tips

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When prepping your skin for your big day, there’s no such thing as starting too early! Every healthy habit you adopt, no matter how small, can go a long way in improving your complexion. Here are some of our tips for that coveted bridal glow:

As we all know, harmful UV rays can cause free radical damage to our skin. This results in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and a dull complexion – things you’d probably want on your big day!

Remember to opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that can protect you against UVA and UVB rays—getting a non-comedogenic sunscreen that does not clog your pores, such as our Solar Protection Formula sunscreen!

If you want to drop a few pounds before your wedding, ensure you do so safely and healthily. Avoid crash dieting! If you’re not getting the right nutrients, this not only shows clearly in your complexion but can also make you look more haggard over time.

Instead, try a moderate cut to your sugar and simple carbohydrate intake. And try upping your superfoods intake with that – foods such as kale, salmon or grapefruits are not just great for your health but for your complexion too!

Knowing your skin type and the skincare woes that systematically come up for you helps you seek targeted treatments early.

If you know you tend to have oily skin and regular outbreaks of hormonal acne, you might want to try acne laser treatments, or hydradermabrasion, to ensure that you’re blemish-free on your big day. If your skin tends to be on the drier side, be sure always to hydrate. Having a hydrating facial or two wouldn’t hurt either!

It’s tempting to want to try new products, especially those that promise unique complexions, in just a few days. But no matter what, don’t try any new skincare products 3 weeks before your wedding!

Any allergic reaction could take a few weeks to subside entirely, which is something to avoid just weeks away from your big day. If you want to try out a new facial or skincare product, try it a couple of months before.

The longer you have to correct skin issues, the better! Common skincare woes such as acne breakouts and scars, pigmentation, or unwanted leg or underarm hair take some time to respond to aesthetic treatments, so it’s best to get it treated as early as possible.

For a more detailed guideline on what treatments to do when reading our complete bridal beauty game plan here.

And there we have it! Here are some tips to help you work towards that coveted radiant complexion that every bride wants for her big day. Head here for more on the bridal packages and treatments we offer.

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