5 Surprising Reasons for Your Dark Eye Circles

Troubled by dark eye circles even though you’ve been getting enough sleep? You’d be surprised to know that there are more potential causes for your dark eye circles apart from fatigue.

We list down 5 surprising reasons for those annoying panda eyes that you might not have realised:

1. Eczema
While the eczema itself doesn’t directly lead to dark eye circles per se, the itch from the eczema could. Excessive rubbing of the undereye area can damage the delicate blood vessels in the undereye area.

Since the skin around the undereye area tends to be more transparent, the broken blood vessels can make the skin appear darkened and bruised.

2. Allergies
Allergies, on the other hand, can trigger histamines in our bodies that cause our blood vessels to dilate – this can cause these swollen blood vessels to appear darker than the rest of the face.

3. Genetics
Dark eye circles can also be an unfortunate genetic trait. If this applies to you, you can blame your parents for this! Hereditary dark eye circles tends to occur more frequently in those with Mediterranean backgrounds.

4. Sun Exposure
Too much exposure to the sun cause sun damage – and given that the skin around our eyes tends to be delicate and more transparent, any form of sun damage tends to appear as darkened rings around our eyes. So don’t forget your sunscreen!

5. Sunken Tear Troughs
Sometimes our dark eye circles aren’t actually dark eye circles, but could be the result of sunken tear troughs instead.

Tear troughs refer to the grooves between your lower eyelid and your cheek. Some people tend to have a facial bone structure that makes them more predisposed to have sunken tear troughs. These can create the illusion of dark circles around our eyes, making us look tired and haggard.

Fortunately, sunken tear troughs can be easily treated with undereye hyaluronic acid fillers. This is a simple, non-surgical, less than 30-minute treatment with close to no downtime. And as with most fillers, results can be seen immediately!

If you find yourself with panda eyes as a result of the above, don’t fret! The first step would be to make changes to your habits if you can, such as switching out that mascara that’s irritating you, or remembering to wear sunscreen whenever you’re exposed to the sun.

If you’d like to treat your dark eye circles more aggressively, you can try our dark eye circles laser treatment, a non-surgical, non-invasive laser treatment to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. Click here to find out more!

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