5 Tips for Controlling Oily Skin

5 Tips for Controlling Oily Skin

It’s frustrating to wake up finding yet another new zit, or to keep having to use blotting sheets throughout the day. While oily skin is largely influenced by things out of our control, like our genetics and hormones, we can still make a few lifestyle tweaks.

With warm and humid weather all year round, especially more so now, we’ve rounded up 5 shine control tips to keep oily skin at bay:

#1: Don’t overwash your face

Your skin could be oily because it’s actually dry. Some tend to wash their faces multiple times a day, thinking that doing so will help get rid of excess oil. But when your skin is stripped of oil, it has a tendency to produce even more sebum to make up for the lack of moisture.

Generally, washing your face twice a day is good enough for one’s average daily skincare routine. And for those with oily skin, remember to wash right: use a gentle cleanser or one with salicylic acid to fight acne-causing bacteria.

After washing, it’s best to use lightweight moisturisers containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Those act like “micro sponges” to retain moisture, keeping your skin supple and hydrated while not clogging your pores.

#2: Exfoliate & mask right

Apart from washing your face right, exfoliate consistently with a gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin – just 2-3 times a week will do. Just like how you shouldn’t wash your face too often, the same goes for exfoliating.

Facial masks – especially those containing clay or salicylic acid – can help temporarily decrease oil production (as well as stress)!

#3: Try out a carbon laser peel

This is a non-invasive, no-downtime laser treatment that specifically tackles acne and oily skin. A carbon laser peel uses a carbon cream mask prior to your laser treatment to control sebum production and minimise pore size.

The benefits of a carbon laser peel are multifold!

  • Reduces acne breakouts and inflammation by controlling sebum production
  • Minimises pore size and unclogs pores 
  • Lightens pigmentation and acne scars 
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Exfoliating effect: removes dead skin cells 
  • Improves skin texture and tone 
  • No downtime

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#4: Choose your makeup wisely

Use non-comedogenic makeup products that don’t clog your pores. When in doubt, look for products with lighter textures, or labels that say “oil- control” or “non-comedogenic”.

And the golden rule still stands: always remove your makeup thoroughly before you sleep! Sleeping with remnants of makeup on can clog pores, trapping oil and dirt inside, making it a fertile breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

#5: Avoid harsh skincare ingredients

The irritation from harsh skincare ingredients actually triggers more oil! 

Specially denatured (SD) alcohol and denatured alcohol are common culprits as they appear to immediately degrease skin and give you a matte finish, but actually erode your skin’s protective surface over the long run. So look out for those on your skincare labels!

However, it’s good to note that not all alcohol is bad for your skin. Fatty alcohols, such as cetyl, stearyl, and cetearyl alcohol, are non-irritating and good for dry skin types. 

Hence, it’s important to know the difference between skin-friendly alcohol ingredients and those you should avoid.

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