5 Tips & Tricks For Glowing “Glass Skin”

Glass skin – essentially clear, radiant, and transparent skin – is the latest skincare craze these days.

How does one get glass skin, especially in time for the festive season? We list down a few skincare tips and tricks:

Radiant skin is partially about physics: your skin appears to glow when it’s smooth enough to reflect light.

But sometimes, things get in the way of smooth skin: dead skin cells, dirt and gunk that accumulates on our face (pollution!), or leftover makeup from improper removal.

And when dead skin cells or debris pile up, this diffuses the light shining on our skin, making our complexions appear dull.

Furthermore, as we grow older, our cellular turnover rate also slows down, and new skin cells take longer to replace old ones.

This is where exfoliation comes in: using a gentle facial scrub 2-3 times a week can help to clear dead skin cells that pile up over time. Exfoliate at night if you can too – this has the added benefit of clearing any leftover makeup debris from earlier on in the day.

2.Brightening Facials
Brightening facials, such as our Radiance/Rejuvenation/Luminous facials, have the effect of firming and brightening the skin while speeding up cellular turnover. These also include gentle peels to help exfoliate skin and attain a smooth complexion, while treating sun damage, fine lines, or dehydrated skin.

Hydradermabrasion, or more commonly known as a hydrafacial, not only clears clogged pores, but also deeply hydrates skin through the infusion of medical-grade serums.

Such facials are suitable for all skin types, and can be combined with light therapy or laser treatments for better results. Find out more here.

3.Laser Treatments
Want to achieve that clear, poreless look in glass skin? Laser treatments help to minimise pores, stimulate collagen production, reduce facial redness and promote an even skin tone.

If you’re worried about your skin peeling or looking extremely red after a laser treatment, don’t fret! There are no-downtime laser treatment options available. You’ll be able to attend gatherings, go to the gym, or continue with your daily routine with no interruptions. Find out more here.

4.Avoid Sugar
When it comes to glass skin, what you put inside your body matters just as much as what you put on our skin.

Sugar: this is one of the 3 pillars of aging (we’ll get to this another time). The metabolising of sugar causes an inflammatory response in our bodies, causing collagen and elastin to break down, making our skin look less supple and radiant over time.

Let’s be real, we know giving up waffles and Kit Kats completely is not going to happen. But try avoiding processed sugars as much as you can, and for foods with naturally occurring sugars (e.g. fruits), opt for foods with a low GI index.

5.Get Enough Shuteye
There’s actually truth to the term ‘beauty sleep’! Skin cells renew themselves while you sleep.

Studies have shown that the human growth hormone (or HGH) – which is responsible for accelerating skin repair and cell regeneration – kicks in while we sleep, and is affected by the quality of our sleep.

So getting adequate rest can actually make a big difference to what we see in the mirror the next day!

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