How Collagen Affects Your Skin, Muscles, & Gut

Collagen doesn’t just affect our skin and keep us looking youthful, this protein – the most abundant protein in our body in fact – has a ton of benefits for the rest of our bodies too!

1. Eases joint pain

As we age, our tendons and ligaments stretch and our joint cartilage diminishes over time. This wear-and-tear causes our bones to rub against each other, in turn causing pain.

Given that Type II collagen is one of the main components in cartilage, taking collagen supplements can help to protect joint cartilage and promote joint flexibility.

2. Builds muscle

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our bodies, hence it should come as no surprise that it forms a major component of muscle tissue.

Collagen also contains a concentrated amount of glycine, which promotes the production of creatine in the body. Creatine is essential for new muscle growth, and can help your muscles to produce energy during high intensity exercises such as weightlifting.

3. May help improve gut health

Collagen plays an important role in healing and sealing our gut walls, by strengthening the protective lining of our digestive tracts.

This helps to prevent inflammations caused by “leaky gut syndrome”, a syndrome in which partially digested proteins or fats, or substances from alcohol, sugars, and processed foods seep through our intestinal linings, causing inflammation and other side effects such as bloatedness, food sensitivities, or acne problems.

How to increase collagen intake

Eating foods rich in collagen, such as bone broth, fish, or dark green leafy vegetables, can help boost natural collagen production. Taking collagen supplements can also help to increase our bodies’ collagen levels.

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