IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

Dr Kok says…

“I’ve been asked many times by my patients about the difference between IPL and Laser hair removal. Both use light to disrupt hair growth, but the laser treatment is more effective and achieves better results for the patients:

Laser treatment, the more costly treatment of the two, uses a concentrated beam of light to target the hair follicle. The IPL technology uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths that diffuses and hence unlike the laser, it is less powerful. With laser treatment, the hairs absorb the heat, not the surrounding skin so there is less risk of burning unlike the IPL, if set at a higher power level. This makes the laser a safer option for darker skin people to opt for hair removal treatment. The IPL, being a less efficient technology, cannot penetrate as deep as the laser. Coarse and thicker hair cannot be effectively treated with the IPL.”