Laser Wart Removal – All The Awkward Questions You Were Too Afraid To Ask

Laser Wart Removal

We understand – questions about warts can be awkward and embarrassing.

We’ve rounded up all the awkward questions that you were too afraid to ask and answer them below:

I have these growths on my skin – are they warts?

A wart is generally a small, hard growth that usually tend to be grey or skin-coloured.

However, there are many types of skin growths, each with different causes. Don’t be too alarmed if you suddenly notice a skin growth! It could be skin tags, moles, or growths resulting from overactive oil glands.

It’s best to get advice from a medical expert who can accurately determine whether the growths on your skin are warts or not.

Are they contagious?

Warts can be contagious, and they can be passed from one to another through the direct touching of the warts, or through using towels or other personal items that were used by someone with warts.

Warts are caused by the Human Papillovirus (HPV). There are more than 100 different strains of HPV, and each strain of HPV causes specific wart types on specific body parts. 

Facial warts are different from the types of warts that grow on your feet or the types from sexually-transmitted diseases (STD).

How can I remove my warts? Does it hurt?

Warts can be removed in a couple of ways – the most common being a carbon dioxide laser treatment. The carbon dioxide laser kills the wart tissue and seals off blood vessels that feed it.

Another common method is cryotherapy – or the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and remove warts.

To make your experience as comfortable as possible, we apply a numbing cream to your treatment area prior to your procedure. Most patients report feeling a minor sting during the treatment, but they tend to find the procedure pretty tolerable!

How many sessions are needed?

Usually 1 session is enough to remove most warts, and multiple warts can be removed in one session.

The exact number of sessions required can only be determined after Dr Kok has assessed your skin condition.

Will they grow back?

Unfortunately, the laser wart removal treatment can only remove the wart itself but not the virus causing it. In fact, there is still no known method to cure the virus that causes warts.

Will laser wart removal leave a scar?

It’s unlikely – as long as you don’t pick at the scab!

The treatment area may scab and appear red, but this is temporary and will heal in a few days. To prevent any scars from forming, it’s important that you don’t pick at any scabs while your skin is healing!

How should I take care of my skin after my laser treatment?

Dr Kok will give you a topical antibiotic to apply on the treatment area while the wound is healing, to prevent any infection. For bigger warts, Dr Kok might apply a dressing on top of the treatment area – this dressing should be changed daily.

And as mentioned earlier, don’t pick at the scabs!

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