Lunchtime Quick Fixes: Fast, Fuss-free Beauty Treatments

Be it a mid-day pick me up or a quick beauty fix just in time for the holidays, we’re always in search of non-invasive aesthetic treatments that deliver great results, fast, – think radiant skin and a more youthful appearance.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of beauty treatments that have no downtime and can be done during your lunchtime break – perfect for those always on the go!

For Radiant Skin
Just about everyone covets that youthful, dewy glow – here are some of our tried-and-tested methods of achieving that:

Skin Booster Injections: A favourite amongst Korean and Taiwanese celebrities, skin booster injections are a series of micro-injections that use hyaluronic acid to restore hydration to your skin from within, resulting in that coveted glow.

Laser Treatments: These are a great way of rejuvenating your skin while remaining minimally invasive. The concentrated light pulses directed into your skin by laser treatments not only promote the growth of new skin, resulting in improved skin texture and tone, but also stimulate collagen production. We particularly recommend our Dual Yellow laser – a painless and non-invasive laser that is ideal even for sensitive skin.

Facial Peels: Chemical peels, or more popularly known as ‘lunchtime peels’, use mild alpha-hydroxyl (AHA) acids, lactic acid peels or peels with naturally occurring fruit acids, to safely and gently exfoliate your skin while stimulating cell turnover. This results in a reduction of fine lines, tightened pores, as well as the removal of the outer layers of damaged skin to reveal new and more youthful skin – and all this with minimal downtime! You can go back to work and resume your daily activities immediately after your procedure.

Hydradermabrasion/MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive aesthetic procedure that exfoliates dead skin cells, and stimulates skin cell growth. Think of the procedure as a vacuum that painlessly and gently buffs the dull outer layers of your skin! Hydradermabrasion takes things one step further: it not only exfoliates your skin like in microdermabrasion, but also simultaneously infuses medical-grade serums into your skin, resulting in a deeply-hydrated and more radiant complexion.

For A Youthful Appearance
For a quick, turn-back-the clock effect, anti-wrinkle injections  help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To restore youthful volume, dermal fillers are a great way of fighting initial signs of aging, such as sunken or hollowed cheeks. Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in our bodies that help to keep our skin smooth, supple, and hydrated.

For Skin Tightening
Our radiofrequency facials are a great, non-invasive method of skin tightening that help to lift and tighten sagging skin. A handheld device emitting radio waves is directed across your skin in gentle strokes, safely stimulating collagen production. Most of our patients generally experience a warm sensation, which they find relaxing and comfortable – some even fall asleep during the process. Talk about a lunchtime power nap!

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