Mother’s Day Pampering Plan – Your Definitive Guide

Mother's Day Pampering Plan

We should treat our mums right every single day, but 14th May – that’s the day to go a little out of the way; a small means of saying thanks to the superwoman who’s raised you all these years.

How would you plan a day of pampering for your mum? We’ve planned 3 ways, to cater to mums with different personalities:

Mums who love an active lifestyle

For mums that lead an active lifestyle, why not treat them to an exercise class or two? Barre classes – we love WeBarre! – are a mix of yoga, ballet, and pilates, and they serve as a great and gentle way to condition and tone muscles. No dance experience is required.

If studio classes are not her thing, take her on a hike! Macritchie Reservoir Park, Bukit Batok Nature Park, or even the newly-opened Coney Island provide many walking trails and great scenic views as well.

End with a good dinner feast at Mum’s favourite restaurant to treat yourselves for a day’s worth of hard work!

Mums interested in health & wellness

For the mum who’s concerned about her health and well-being, treat her to a cooking class, where both of you can learn how to whip up delicious yet healthy meals. Or head to Bollywood Veggies, an organic farm that offers tours of the farm site and fresh organic meals.

Or if you are looking to splurge on Mama this Mother’s Day, take her on a wellness retreat – from meditation and yoga camps to detox resorts, there are so many ways to recharge and refresh!

Mums that love to be pampered

Indulge your mum with a facial or two – what better way to recharge while fixing skin problems, such as fine lines, pigmentation spots, or dehydrated skin?

Scented candles or bath bombs make for great gifts too!

No matter how to choose to pamper your mum on her special day, be it a mother-daughter facial treatment, or a cooking class together, it all boils down to 1 simple trait: quality time together. That’s what your mum would probably appreciate the most!

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