Having Post-Travel Skin Woes? We’ve Got You Covered

Going on a vacation is great, but changes in climates can wreak unnecessary havoc on our skin. But be it dry skin from that skiing trip, or sudden breakouts from (a bit) too much time at the beach, we’ve got you covered.

Reddened, peeling skin – A common woe among holiday beach-goers. Sunburns are extremely damaging to the skin and require proper care.

Avoid harsh soaps or cleansers to prevent further irritation. And as tempting as it might be, don’t – just don’t – pick at your skin!

Aloe vera gel works wonders in bringing much-needed comfort to sore skin, while chilling your moisturiser in the fridge helps too.

But prevention is always better than cure – spending 5 minutes applying sunblock is definitely worth the time (and agony) saved from potential sunburns!

Dry Skin
Experiencing winter overseas can unfortunately rob our skin of much-needed moisture, increasing the appearance of unwanted fine lines, and making it more difficult to apply makeup smoothly. But what else can you do apart from spamming moisturiser every other hour or so?

Temporary solutions include spraying facial mists for added hydration, and drinking more water. But for a more immediate solution, hydrafacials are great facial treatments for infusing hydrating serums deep into your skin, restoring that dewy glow.

All the time spent outdoors, especially when holidaying in a warmer climate, can lead to a buildup of sweat, dirt, and oil on our skin. This unfortunately makes for a great pore-clogging, formula, in turn leading to unwanted acne breakouts.

If you’re already experiencing a full-on breakout, don’t fret! Our medicated acne topical creams should be able to get the breakout under control fairly easily. Opt for our facial washes containing active ingredients proven effective against acne bacteria.

If you find this cycle happening pretty often due to acne-prone skin, you might want to try carbon laser peels – these are laser treatments that use carbon peels prior to the laser treatments, making them more effective in controlling sebum production, reducing acne inflammation, and minimising pores!

Puffy Eyes
A lack of sleep from a red-eye flight could cause water retention, giving the appearance of puffy eyes. The downside is, this can’t be covered up with makeup, so the only way to reduce its appearance is to get rid of it entirely.

Typical hacks include putting a chilled spoon or a cold compress to each eye, to help reduce the puffiness.

However, this process can be sped up with radiofrequency undereye treatments, which help to clear up mild undereye puffiness while tightening skin and stimulating collagen production. And no worries, it’s safe, non-invasive, and has no downtime! Most of our patients end up falling asleep during their treatment.

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