Things To Know About Pynocare – The All-Natural Whitening Supplement

There are tons of whitening supplements around – sometimes it’s hard to trust what you see on the market. Hence it’s always good to buy your whitening supplements from a reputable source.

If you’ve heard about Pynocare White but you’re not quite sure what it is, we break it down for you: how it works, what it contains, and why it’s good for you.

What is Pynocare White?

Pynocare White is an all-natural whitening oral supplement scientifically proven to reduce existing melasma in the body. It contains plant and seaweed extracts for lightening dark spots and reducing pigmentation.

Benefits of Pynocare White

  • Reduces existing pigmentation, lightening dark spots
  • Reduces the appearance of new melasma
  • Protects skin from UV rays and pollution damage
  • Convenient: just 1 softgel capsule twice daily, after meals
  • Safe: a 100% natural supplement without any added preservatives or chemicals

How Pynocare Works

Pynocare White works in 3 ways:

Regulates melanin production – Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its colour. The more the melanin we have, the darker our skin is. By regulating melanin production, Pynocare White helps to reduce the size and intensity of pigmentation.

Pynocare White contains the MSCC complex Actisome, a proprietary formulation that contains natural plant and seaweed extracts, with antioxidants 50 times stronger than vitamin C and E.

This helps neutralise free radicals, in turn regulating melanin production and reducing existing pigmentation.

Protects your skin from UV damage – Pynocare White also contains the active ingredients D-Saline and Lycoskin. These increase the erythema threshold – meaning that these improve the skin’s ability to tolerate skin reddening due to inflammation from outside triggers such as sunlight –, thereby protecting the skin against UV rays.

Moisturises your skin – Lucent P (a type of ceramide derived from rice) inhibits excess melanin formation and improve the skin’s barrier function. This helps the skin to better retain moisture, resulting in better skin texture and smoothness.

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