5 Reasons for Dull Skin

5 Reasons for Dull Skin

Despite all the hype, glass skin – or radiant, blemish-free skin with that certain ineffable glow – is notoriously hard to achieve.

We list down 5 common obstacles to achieving a crystal clear complexion.

1. Dead Skin Cells
Our skin cells are living, breathing organisms that go through a life cycle like we do. When skin cells die and are not removed in time, they tend to pile up on our skin’s surface and clog our pores.

This creates the perfect environment for acne-causing bacteria to grow and multiple in, causing unsightly blemishes and an uneven skin texture.

Solution: Exfoliate at least once or twice a week. The frequency will vary depending on your skin type; some skin types can handle a daily routine of gentle exfoliation.

Microdermabrasion facials can also help to remove dead skin cells, boosting blood circulation while leaving you with smooth skin.

Hydradermabrasion facials go an extra step by using water and oxygen jets to clear clogged pores and removing dead skin cells while infusing active serums, leaving you with hydrated, supple skin.

2. Air Pollution
We might live in a clean and green city, but the smog from car exhausts, dust and grime can take a toll on our skin.

Polluted air contains a host of toxic particles, such as sulfur dioxide, that create free radicals.

Free radicals weaken our skin’s supporting structures by damaging collagen, causing wrinkles and making us look sunken and haggard over time.

Solution: Be sure to remove your makeup thoroughly! Your best bet is a makeup remover that is tough on grime yet gentle on your skin, like our Micellar Makeup Remover.

3. Lack of Sleep/Good Rest
Beauty sleep is real! The lack of blood circulation in the body can cause your skin to appear dull and splotchy.

Solution: Make getting a good 7-8 hours of shuteye your priority every night. As a quick fix for tired-looking skin, go for a pampering facial and snooze while your skin gets restored to an even tone and texture!

Our Radiance/Rejuvenation facials contain gentle peels that help to remove dead skin cells. Extra perk: we include a soothing mask after the peel for an extra dose of pampering!

4. Sugar Overload!
When you eat sugar, this causes an inflammatory response in your body known as glycation, which literally destroys the collagen in your skin. Definitely not something we want!

Solution: Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out. Cut down on sugar, especially refined sugar – the type found in donuts, waffles, and chendol.

5. Hormones
Hormonal fluctuations due to puberty, menopause, or pregnancy can cause your skin to go out of whack. If estrogen levels drop, this can make your skin oilier, giving the appearance of a shiny face – and not in a good way.

Solution: Clay masks, such as our Soothing Clay Mask, can help to absorb excess oil. But to treat the hormonal root cause of the oiliness, consult your doctor to see if he/she would recommend hormonal medications.

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