Sunken Tear Troughs or Dark Eye Circles?

Continually looking like you’ve been having sleepless nights and not quite enjoying it? Undereye concealers not quite doing their job? Panda eyes are the bane of many a woman’s existence.

But did you know these panda eyes could actually be caused by 2 things – either sunken tear troughs or dark eye circles? Or even both?

Telling them apart can sometimes be tricky, but we’ll help you break it down:

Sunken Tear Troughs
Tear troughs refer to the grooves between your lower eyelid and your cheek. These can create the illusion of dark circles around our eyes, making us look tired even when we’ve had enough sleep.

Fortunately, we can reduce the appearance of sunken tear troughs with hyaluronic acid fillers – this is a simple, non-surgical, 30-min procedure with close to no downtime. And as with most fillers, results can be seen immediately!

Dark Eye Circles
Dark eye circles can be caused by the darkening of your skin or the prominence of the blood vessels in your undereye area.

Sunken Tear Troughs | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Try pushing slightly on your undereye area – if the darkness disappears, it means that our dark eye circles is most likely caused by the blood vessels under your skin, or it could be a shadow caused by sunken tear troughs or eye bags.

We all know too that the lack of sleep can contribute to the appearance of unwanted panda eyes, but other causes of dark eye circles include:

  • Genetics
    Unfortunately, dark eye circles can also be an inherited trait, and could have already appeared in your childhood years. Not to fret totally though, as some do outgrow their dark circles over time!
  • Allergies
    Nasal congestion due to allergies can sometimes dilate the blood vessels around your eye area, causing them to appear darker.
  • Alcohol
    Alcohol can dehydrate your skin, making the blood vessels around our undereye area more prominent. This is caused by excessive alcohol consumption though, so a glass or 2 of vino is still fine, but you might want to rethink the 3rd of 4th glass.
  • Bad habits!
    Are you a frequent eye-rubber? Constant eye rubbing, or other bad habits such as not putting sunscreen can cause hyperpigmentation, which causes the skin around your eye area to darken.

How then can we get rid of these eye woes?

Facials that are specially targeted to treat dark eye circles, such as our Dark Eye Rings facial, are great for brightening and lightening dark eye circles.

This involves the infusion of medical-grade serums with specialised machines, to allow the active ingredients to better penetrate your undereye area. This also hydrates your skin and improves blood circulation!

Laser treatments, such as our signature Eye 2 Laser treatment, have the effect of reducing blood vessel size and skin pigmentation, in turn reducing the appearance of dark eye circles. Such treatments are specially targeted for your undereye area.

Don’t fret though, we’re not going to zap your eyes! These are completely safe, and have no downtime. Feel free to wear makeup and resume your daily activities after!

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