Teenage Acne & Ways To Tackle It

The 10 Skincare Ingredients you should know

It’s like a rite of passage. Almost – more than 85% of teenagers are commonly afflicted with clogged pores, blackheads, and pus-filled acne. It can chip away at one’s confidence, especially when considering teenagers’ struggles during puberty.

Acne forms when acne-causing bacteria is trapped inside your pores, most likely due to sebum buildup and dead skin cells. This causes acne-causing bacteria to multiply, eventually causing the acne breakouts we tend to see. All hope is not lost though! With the latest medical advancements, various acne conditions – ranging from mild to severe cases – can be treated.

What can be done?

Carbon Laser Peels & Other Acne Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are particularly effective in treating mild to severe conditions. They generally harness the power of focused light energy to minimise pore size, smooth out acne scars, and promote the growth of new, smooth skin.

Our carbon laser peel and Dual Yellow lasers are particularly effective in treating various acne conditions. Our carbon laser peel is suitable for lightening acne scars, controlling sebum production, and reducing all types of acne breakouts while our Dual Yellow lasers are suitable for stimulating collagen production, improving skin texture and tone, and reducing facial redness.

And the best part? Both have no downtime! Feel free to carry on with your daily routine immediately after your treatment. For more information about our carbon laser peel, click here.

Acne Facials

At LS Aesthetic, we offer a series of customisable acne facial packages that help to deeply cleanse clogged pores, clear comedones, and inhibit acne growth. This can be done using specialised machines, such as microdermabrasion, hydradermabrasion, and ultrasonic cleansing. All facials come with a mask suited explicitly for acne at the end of the treatment. Our acne facials can also be combined with laser treatments for better results.

Chemical Peels

These chemical solutions are applied by Dr Kok to your skin and left on for a controlled amount of time before being cleansed. This helps to promote the growth of new skin and reduce acne scars. One of the negative things about chemical peels in the past was the downtime – the stronger peels tended to cause one’s skin to peel for a week. But with the latest medical advancements, we offer acne chemical peels without downtime!

Click here for more information on our chemical peel procedures.

Light Therapy

Light therapy, specifically blue light at an exact wavelength of 415nm, has been scientifically proven to improve acne and acne blemishes. The Blue light is particularly effective in killing acne-causing bacteria, with no downtime and disruption to your daily activities. Light therapy can be done independently or in combination with acne facials.

Acne Skincare & Topical Creams

Acne-prone skin tends to be oilier and more sensitive. Hence, those suffering from acne generally require specialised acne cleansers and creams to take care of their skin daily while controlling their acne conditions. LS Formula, our medical-grade skincare range, has many acne products to treat mild to severe acne conditions.

Oral Medication

If the above options are not strong enough, acne medication can also be prescribed. Such antibiotics can help kill acne bacteria and reduce inflammation in more severe acne cases. Safe and effective treatment of your acne condition begins with a consultation. At LS Aesthetic, Dr Kok understands the distress acne can cause – he will examine your skin and recommend a personalised acne treatment protocol tailored to your acne condition. For a step-by-step skincare guide for acne-prone skin, click here.

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