Wedding Skincare Emergency Fixes

Wedding Skincare | 3 Ways

Woke up and found a huge zit just days before your grand march down the aisle? It happens to the best of us. It’s always good to be prepared for any last-minute skincare emergencies, and we’re here to help with that!

Potential Emergency #1: A Huge Zit

If a huge pimple appears a couple of days before your wedding, don’t fret! You can always opt for an intralesional corticosteroid injection, which can reduce the acne size and inflammation relatively quickly. If you’re prone to severe acne, it might be useful to schedule an emergency appointment with your aesthetic doctor in advance, just in case. But remember: under all circumstances, don’t squeeze that zit!

If the pimple is relatively mild, there’s no need to resort to such an extreme option. Instead, wash your face with a gentle acne cleanser. Follow by applying an acne spot cream before getting your makeup artist to work her magic with concealer.

For more information on the acne treatments we offer, head here.

Potential Emergency #2: Red Splotchy Skin

Reddish skin patches can be caused by several factors:

If they are caused by an allergy, topical creams and oral medications can help to reduce redness. For more severe cases, an allergy shot might be needed on top of topical and oral medications.

If the red patches are caused by a heat rash, apply a cooling compress or our in-house cream that minimises redness and itchiness to the affected area. Be sure to avoid oil-based cosmetics or creams, as these could clog your sweat glands, further worsening your heat rash.

Potential Emergency #3: Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can be caused by water retention or lack of sleep.

Simple home remedies involve applying something cooling to the eye area, such as an eye mask, cucumber slices, or even the back of a chilled spoon! This helps to constrict blood and lymph vessels, which in turn reduces the swelling.

For something more targeted, we offer eye facial treatments that help to reduce puffiness and tighten skin around the eye area. Best of all, these treatments are relaxing and have no downtime!

A diet high in salt and alcohol intake can also cause puffy eyes and bloatedness, so it’s best to cut down on salt and booze at least a week before your big day. Try to cut down your water intake 3 hours before bedtime too. For a more detailed guide on how to prep your skin for your big day, click here.

If you’re looking to prep your skin for your big day, we offer brightening facials and laser treatments to treat any skin concerns you may have.

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