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3 Hacks To Reduce Puffy Eyes

March 21, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Getting 8 hours of beauty sleep is the holy grail for fresh-looking eyes and I-woke-up-like-this skin, but we know real life (and maybe Netflix) tends to get in the way. But with some good habits in place, we can always fool everyone into thinking we got our 8 hours of quality rest. Read on for [&he...

5 (Non-Surgical!) Aesthetic Treatments for Fresh-Looking Eyes

March 14, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
They often say the eyes are the window to the soul. And while having an old soul is great, who wouldn’t want young, fresh-looking eyes? People often assume plastic surgery is required when it comes to reversing our age, especially when it comes to the eye area. But with various aesthetic treatment...

7 Acne Treatments That Your Derm Would Approve

February 27, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
We know that sense of dread when you see a zit emerging… and the first things we reach out for: spot treatments! Over-the-counter acne patches! But those don’t always work, so what do we do when we want our acne to go away, fast? At LS Aesthetic Clinic, we’ve rounded up various acne treat...

5 Common Misconceptions About Acne

February 19, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Acne: a lot of us have it, but more often than not, we get confused by the numerous myths surrounding acne and what causes it. LS Aesthetic Clinic tackles 5 of the most common acne myths head-on, and clears up the confusion surrounding these myths. MYTH #1: Greasy foods cause acne.There is little sc...

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