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5 Collagen Building Treatments To Try

July 12, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Collagen: we know this to be the not-so-secret ingredient for anti-aging, and the building block of youthful, supple skin. It essentially functions as a supporting structure for our skin, tendons, and cartilage – think of it as the pillars that support our skin, keeping it supple, firm and lifted....

Ultherapy/HIFU Treatments: What You Should Look Out For

July 06, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Thinking about an Ultherapy or HIFU treatment? Both are essentially high-intensity focused ultrasound treatments that help to lift, firm and tighten skin, but have some differences. If you’ve been wondering what the differences between Ultherapy and HIFU are, we’ve got you covered. Click he...

5 Reasons for Dull Skin

June 13, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Despite all the hype, glass skin – or radiant, blemish-free skin with that certain ineffable glow – is notoriously hard to achieve. We list down 5 common obstacles to achieving a crystal clear complexion. 1. Dead Skin CellsOur skin cells are living, breathing organisms that go through a life cyc...

3 Myths About Getting A V-Shaped Face

June 06, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Having a V-shaped face is a coveted physical attribute amongst many, but we end up hearing so many false claims, myths, and beliefs surrounding V-shaped face treatments. We put these myths to rest: 1. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatments can help achieve a V-shaped face by melting my ...

5 Tips for Controlling Oily Skin

May 22, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
It’s frustrating to wake up finding yet another new zit, or to keep having to use blotting sheets throughout the day. While oily skin is largely influenced by things out of our control, like our genetics and hormones, we can still make a few lifestyle tweaks. With warm and humid weather all year r...

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