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Removing moles, warts, or oil glands? Here’s what to expect.

February 26, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Laser Wart Removal
Moles, warts, and oil glands – most of these skin growths tend to be harmless – thankfully – but can be removed easily if the sight of them bothers you. Removing unwanted moles, warts, and oil glands sounds intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! We address some of the common questions we r...

Can the sugars in CNY treats cause you wrinkles?

February 09, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we often come across articles listing different CNY treats and the amount of damage they can do, calorie-wise. But it’s not just about the calories! These CNY treats often contain a lot of hidden sugars. Too much sugar can not only affect your waistlin...

Removing Tattoos? Here’s What To Expect

February 02, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Got a tattoo 10 years ago and regret it now? Thanks to technology these days, unwanted tattoos can be removed – but keep in mind that some tattoos can be harder to remove than others as a number of factors come into play. So if you’re looking to remove an unwanted tattoo or even if […]...

Quick Fixes for Glowing Skin This CNY

January 10, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
If you’re looking for a quick fix to get glowing skin this Chinese New Year, we’ve got your back. Facial treatments, gentle peels, and laser treatments are some of the fastest ways to exfoliate, hydrate, and brighten skin, while giving your skin a dewy glow. And don’t worry, all of these treat...

Carbon Laser Peels vs Chemical Peels: What’s The Difference?

January 05, 2018 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
You may have heard about carbon laser peels or chemical peels and how they can help with one’s acne woes. A carbon laser peel, also known as the “Hollywood Peel”, uses a carbon cream mask before the laser treatment to absorb impurities. During the laser treatment, the light from the laser beam...

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