Blog > Mothers of Brides/Grooms: The Ultimate Beauty Game Plan

Mothers of Brides/Grooms: The Ultimate Beauty Game Plan

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Mothers of brides/grooms! It’s technically your child’s big day, but it’s definitely a major moment for you too. We think mums need some pre-wedding pampering too, and what better excuse than your child’s wedding to finally fix that nagging skincare concern?

As always, how high or low-maintenance you want to be is entirely up to you – the focus is still ensuring your child has a special, unforgettable day! But if you want to go all in, or if you are just looking for some rough guidelines, we’ve got your back.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive beauty timeline: how to fix any skincare concerns you might have and when to schedule it:


Pigmentation & Other Blemishes
If you have any pigmentation blemishes, such as freckles, age spots or melasma, that you’d like to get rid of before the wedding, it’s best to get it treated early. Stubborn pigmentation can be treated by laser treatments, which take a while due to necessary intervals in between treatment sessions.

Laser treatments are well tolerated by most patients, and have the side effect of boosting collagen production while reducing the appearance of fine lines – a great way of rejuvenating your skin while remaining non-invasive with no downtime!

Pigmentation Treatments for Mothers of Brides/Grooms | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Dark Eye Circles
As with pigmentation, stubborn dark eye circles should be treated early as well. Dark eye circles can be treated with eye laser treatments – our signature laser treatment reduces dark pigment and manages the appearance of blood vessels, both of which can be causes of your dark eye circles.

Our eye facials are also specially formulated for dark eye circles – this involves an infusion of serums into the undereye area with specialised machines, helping to brighten and lighten dark circles!

Dark Eye Circle Treatments for Mothers of Brides/Grooms | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Start an exercise regimen and stick to it, as a way of toning up before your child’s big day. Pilates and yoga are great exercises that help to tone up your body while going gentle on the joints. Going for a morning hike is a great way to get some cardio exercise, and if you go with your child, that makes for a great bonding time too!

Facials for Radiant Skin
You’d most likely want to have glowing, radiant skin for your child’s big day. Our Radiance or Rejuvenation facials are great for achieving just that – mild enzyme peels help to speed up cellular turnover, brightening your skin while treating sun damage, fine lines or dehydrated skin.

Facial Treatments for Mothers of Brides/Grooms | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion are great for exfoliating dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new skin, giving you a smoother and more radiant complexion. Hydradermabrasion has the added effect of making your skin look dewy, thanks to the extra serums infused into your skin through our special machine.

And the great thing is, these are all non-invasive treatments with no pain or downtime – what better way to prepare your skin for the wedding than a relaxing facial, are we right?


Ultherapy for Skin Lifting & Tightening
Lift sagging skin before the big day with Ultherapy, a non-invasive treatment approved by the U.S. FDA. Think of it as a non-surgical facelift: Ultherapy uses ultrasound technology to safely tighten loose skin and smooth out wrinkles, while boosting collagen production.

While some patients see an immediate lifting effect, the ultimate results of Ultherapy gradually appears over the next 3 months, as part of your body’s natural collagen regeneration process that gradually lifts and tightens skin on your face, neck, chest, or double chin.

Ultherapy Skin Tightening Treatments for Mothers of Brides/Grooms | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Hair & Makeup Trials
If you are looking to perm or straighten your hair, now’s the time. Or if you want a specific hairstyle or makeup look, try to find a couple of reference pictures so that you and your hairstylist/makeup artist are on the same page.

If you’re going together with your daughter or daughter-in-law, this could make for a good bonding session as well!

Eyebrow Grooming
If you don’t quite trust yourself to handle your brows, leave it in the hands of a professional instead. If you are looking to tint your brows or go for eyebrow embroidery, now’s a good time to do it too!


Anti-Wrinkle Injections/Fillers
Banish unwanted frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet with anti-wrinkle injections. The effects of anti-wrinkle injections usually kick in a couple of days after the treatment, and the results usually for about 4 months, so a good time for such treatments would usually be a month before.

Fillers are great for treating deep-set wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds or laugh lines, as well as sunken tear troughs or hollow cheeks. The effect is immediate with little to no downtime!

Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Filler Treatments for Mothers of Brides/Grooms | LS Aesthetic Clinic

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment to tighten and lift your skin before your child’s big day, Dermalift could be an option for you. This treatment lifts and tightens your skin with a series of micro-injections – most patients see a visible lift immediately! The lifting and tightening effects of Dermalift continue over the next 5-10 days and can last for about 4 months. Click here to find out more.


Have your last (gentle!) facial
Now’s the time to have one last facial before your child’s big day. Make sure there are no harsh or abrasive procedures – such as extraction – involved! Try a hydrating facial to get that dewy glow, or a mild enzyme peel to gently exfoliate your skin, brightening your complexion for the big day.

Cut down on salt & sugar
As much as we love our sweets and snacks, salt can cause puffiness, while sugar can wreak havoc on our complexions. Try to abstain from these as much as you can to prevent any last-minute skin problems or complications!


Go with a gel nail polish to prevent any unsightly chips during the wedding.

Sleep! & Hydrate
Amidst all the planning (and excitement), try to get some rest. This best ensures that you look fresh and radiant the next day.

And there we have it! Relax and enjoy yourself – it’s your child’s big day, and it’s going to be a day filled with emotions, memories, and love. As you watch your child walk down the aisle, we bet you’re going to be so proud!

For more information on the Mother of The Bride/Groom packages we offer, head here.

Feel free to get in touch with us! Give us a call at +65 6738 4700 or email us at We provide honest advice, quality care, and affordable prices.

Blog > Pre-Wedding Skincare: How to start & where to begin

Pre-Wedding Skincare: How to start & where to begin

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Getting prepped for the big day can sound quite overwhelming at times – we all hear how brides have flawless skin and glowing complexions on their wedding day, but how? How does one begin a wedding beauty regimen? Where does one even start?

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic

We break it down for you: here are 3 simple steps you can start off from, and how you can take it up a notch whenever you feel up for it.


Having good skincare habits way before your big day is crucial – if your skin isn’t in good condition, makeup won’t sit well on it, no matter how much you try.

Start off with a simple cleansing regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising daily.

In the daytime, remember to apply sunscreen, preferably sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

And at night, remember to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup! Not removing makeup properly is one of the major contributors to clogged pores. Clogged pores also create a perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria, potentially causing acne breakouts as well. Try double cleansing first with an oil-based makeup remover, followed by a water-based makeup remover.

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Take it up a notch by introducing retinol in your skincare routine. Retinol, or the technical name for Vitamin A, has an astounding number of benefits for your skin:

  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Speeds up cellular turnover
  • Lighten age spots, melasma, and other forms of pigmentation
  • Minimise large pores


Wedding planning can take a toll on even the most organised bride – last minute RSVPs! Seating plans are always a nightmare. Believe it or not, a lot of our skin problems can be triggered by our psychological state of being.

Stress, when not properly managed, can cause insomnia, worsen rosacea, and even trigger eczema breakouts, effectively sabotaging any skincare efforts you may be doing to prep your skin for your big day. Needless to say, bringing stress levels down is the way to go!

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Start off by practising mindful breathing, or meditate with the help of apps such as Breathe or Headspace, when you feel things start to get overwhelming.

The great thing about meditation is that it’s not something that you have to practise for weeks to reap the benefits – you can see positive changes immediately! Not only does meditation reduce your body’s production of stress-related hormones, it also gives your brain a break from worrying about your to-do list.

Take it up a notch by fitting in a yoga class or two – that definitely helps as well! Yoga classes, apart from clearing the mind, also have the benefit of toning your core muscles, helping you look lean and toned for your big day.

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic


Most brides tend to seek help from an aesthetic doctor to achieve their goal of having glowing, radiant skin for their weddings.

Start off by seeking facial treatments that address your skin concerns:


This aesthetic facial treatment uses the healing powers of water and oxygen to achieve the double effect of exfoliating dead skin cells and deeply cleansing pores. The active infusion of medical-grade serums also help in visibly hydrating skin.

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Medical-Grade Facials:

At LS Aesthetic, our facials are not only designed to relax, rejuvenate, and pamper your skin, but also treat any skin conditions you might have, such as acne, pigmentation, or overall skin rejuvenation.

Our facials can include ultrasonic cleansing, which deeply cleanses your skin with the use of ultrasound technology, as well as mild enzyme peels to speed up cellular turnover, and brighten skin.

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic

If you are particularly worried about dark eye circles, we also offer eye facials to lighten and brighten the undereye area, through the infusion of active serums.

Take it up a notch by going for laser treatments to further treat any skin problems you may wish to get rid off before your big day!

Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments are useful in treating a variety of skin concerns, such as acne, pigmentation, mild wrinkles, or unwanted body hair, while remaining non-invasive and requiring little to no downtime!

Most lasers are great as lunchtime beauty fixes – get your treatment done in less than half an hour, and feel free to apply makeup and resume your daily routine immediately after.

Pre-Wedding Aesthetic Treatments - Laser Treatments, Facials | LS Aesthetic Clinic

Dark eye circles can also be treated with specially-targeted eye laser treatments, which help in reducing pigment and managing the appearance of blood vessels – both of which could be the causes of your dark eye circles.

And the best part of seeking professional help is, all the planning is done for you! No need to worry about where to start or how to begin prepping your skin for your big day – your skincare treatments will be planned and scheduled for you, based on your needs.

For more information on the bridal packages and treatments we offer, head on here.

Feel free to reach out to us! Give us a call at +65 6738 4700 or email us at We provide honest advice, quality care, and affordable prices.

Blog > The Complete Guide to Chemical Peels

The Complete Guide to Chemical Peels

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Always wanted to learn more about how chemical peels can rejuvenate your skin but fear the thought of how they sound? LS Aesthetic Clinic breaks it down for you: what chemical peels really are, how they work, and why there really is nothing much to fear at all.

Chemical Peels for Acne, Pigmentation | LS Aesthetic Clinic

What are chemical peels?
A chemical peel is an aesthetic treatment used to promote the growth of new, rejuvenated skin, through the application of a chemical solution, which encourages the exfoliation of dead skin cells.

What can it do for my skin?
Chemical peels can be applied to the face, neck, or hands. The benefits are multifold! They can:

  • Reduce fine lines caused by UV damage and aging

  • Reduce pigmentation (age spots, freckles, or melasma)

  • Improve the appearance of mild scars (e.g. acne scars or chicken pox scars)

  • Treat certain types of acne

  • Promote the growth of new, smooth, and rejuvenated skin

  • Improve skin texture and tone

Are chemical peels safe?
When a chemical peel is administered by an experienced doctor, it is a very safe procedure.

Do they hurt? Is there any downtime?
Chemical peels may sting slightly, but they do not cause a lot of pain. It will most likely feel like a prickly sensation that most patients report as highly tolerable.

What you feel will also depend on the type of peel you choose! The stronger the peel, the stronger the prickly sensation you are likely to feel.

The level of downtime also depends on the type of peel you choose. While mild peels have no downtime, stronger peels might see your skin peeling and a couple of days worth of downtime.

Chemical Peels for Acne, Pigmentation | LS Aesthetic Clinic

What are the different types of chemical peels?
There are essentially 3 types of chemical peels:

  1. Superficial peel: Also commonly known as the “lunchtime peel”, this form of chemical peel only penetrates the outer layers of your skin, gently exfoliating dead skin cells and rejuvenating your skin without any form of peeling or downtime. Such peels often contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), which include naturally-occurring fruit acids such as glycolic or citric acids.

  2. Medium peel: These use trichloroacetic acid (TCA) to penetrate the outer and middle layers of your skin, and can be effective in treating moderate wrinkles, pigmentation from aging or UV damage, as well as acne.

  3. Deep peel: This is the most aggressive form of a chemical peel that penetrates several layers of skin to produce skin rejuvenation from within. This allows for a faster rate of new collagen production as compared to other peels, but also results in aggressive skin peeling and a longer downtime period. At LS Aesthetic Clinic, we do not offer or recommend deep peels as there are better treatment alternatives with less downtime.

Chemical Peels for Acne, Pigmentation | LS Aesthetic Clinic

What can I expect during a chemical peel?
While procedures vary depending on the type of peel, your skin will be cleansed thoroughly, followed by the application of a medical degreaser to ensure that the treatment area is free from any oils.

The chemical peel will be applied onto your skin for a controlled amount of time, following which your skin is cleansed with cold water or a neutralising agent to stop further chemical reactions.

How do I take care of my skin after a chemical peel?
Always, always avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun! Use a mild cleanser in your skincare routine, and make sure to apply moisturisers and sunblock liberally to speed up the healing process.

If you opt for a stronger peel, refrain from picking at any peeling skin too!

Who are good candidates for chemical peels?
Most patients who wish to treat their acne, wrinkles, or pigmentation concerns are generally suited for chemical peels, but it is advisable to give your doctor an accurate medical history, such as existing cardiac or diabetic conditions, so that your doctor can choose the chemical peel that is best suited for you.

Those with darker skin tones can run the risk of getting uneven skin tones should they opt for overly aggressive chemical peels. If this applies to you, do consult your doctor on what chemical peel works best for you! You can still have good results, but should opt for superficial or less aggressive peels just to be on the safe side.

If you’d like to get in touch with us on the chemical peel treatments we provide and what works best for your skin condition, give us a call at +65 6738 4700 or email us at We provide honest advice, quality care, and affordable prices.