Dual Yellow Laser

One of our photorejuvenation treatments makes use of Dual Yellow Laser, and Fast Edge Micropulse Technology (FEM).
These treatments improve the overall appearance of aged and sun-damaged skin. They do this by helping to eliminate telangletasia, seborrhoeic keratoses, sebaceous hyperplasia and other benign blemishes. These treatments stimulate the formation of new collagen in the epidermal surface, through non-ablative resurfacing.

Dual Yellow Lasers do this by removing vascular and pigmented skin abnormalities, and dischromia. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are improved, assisted by the production of new collagen and dermal tissue stimulated by the FEM Technology.
Dual Yellow Laser
FEM Technology provides a unique train of thousands of nanosecond pulses per second of powerful yellow laser light. These pulses each deliver 2 megawatts peak power, which stimulate cytochrome – resulting in the release of inflammatory mediators. These functions promote the development of new collagen. Preliminary tests show that pro-collagen production rates increased by 143% when Dual Yellow Laser treatment was applied to skin. These treatments are also useful in treating and targeting scars, warts and stretch-marks.

Our Signature Photorejuvenation packages come complete with aftercare skin products that should be used together with the laser treatments. Living in the tropics, many busy professionals find our Photorejuvenation program useful in battling pigmentation and environmental skin damage.

A few sessions is all that is necessary in uncovering a “new you”.