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    Hair Loss Treatment for Men

    What are the reasons causing hair loss?

    While it is normal to shed 50 – 100 strands of hair per day, excessive hair loss – also known as alopecia – can be due to:

    • Genetic factors : baldness can be hereditary

    • Autoimmune diseases

    • Stress: Anxiety can lead to conditions that cause hair loss, or result in habitual conditions in which the person under stress pulls out hairs without realizing it

    • Pregnancy: This can sometimes cause temporary hair loss in women

    • Hormonal changes : Such changes and imbalances can result in hair loss. Hormonal changes are also affected by the thyroid gland, hence thyroid problems can also result in hair loss.

    • Diet: Crash dieting or diets that are extremely low in protein can cause hair to become very brittle and weak.

    • Trauma: It is common for patients to undergo temporary hair loss when their bodies experience severe physical trauma, such as a serious illness, surgery, or a car accident

    How can I treat my hair loss?

    Hair loss can be treated with:

    • Oral medications: Such medications, such as finasteride, stimulate the growth of new hair and slow down the rate of hair loss by inhibiting your body’s production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that destroys hair follicles.

    • Medical-grade shampoos & serums : These products, such as topical minoxidil, stimulate new hair growth, as well as slow down the rate of hair loss.

    • Infrared Light Therapy : This procedure uses infrared light to stimulate hair growth. While it does not cause hair to grow in places where it has never grown, it can stimulate hair follicles that have stopped producing hair to restart the hair growth process.

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