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    Hair Removal Treatment Singapore

    What are the different types of hair removal methods?

    At LS Aesthetic, we offer 2 methods of hair removal: Prowave light therapy and laser hair removal.

    Both methods work by directing concentrated pulses of light into the skin. The light energy is absorbed by pigment in the hair follicles, causing selective damage to the hair follicles while safely keeping surrounding skin intact.

    Most of the hair growing in the hair follicles during the treatment is removed immediately after treatment, and the rest is generally shed over a span of 2 – 3 weeks following the procedure.

    Which hair removal method is best for me?

    Different hair removal methods have their respective advantages. Advantages of laser hair removal:
      • Suitable for all skin types: The laser procedure does not cause any discolouration of the skin.
      • Microsecond technology: This allows the heat generated by the laser to effectively remove hair, but keep the heat sealed within the hair follicle as it does not have time to be conducted outwards to surrounding skin. As a result, laser hair removal only targets hair follicles while keeping surrounding skin safely intact.
    • Gold-plated copper cooling mechanism: This rapidly removes heat from the skin during the procedure, allowing you to undergo the procedure in comfort. The thermal conductivity of gold-plated copper is 10 times that of sapphire windows, the most common method of skin cooling during laser treatments, and therefore is the most efficient method of removing heat from the skin.
    Advantages of Prowave:
      • Flexibility: The Prowave machine has multiple programs that tailor the light wavelength and pulse width according to your skin type, enhancing the efficacy of your treatments.
      • Fast treatment: As a gauge, the treatment for hair removal from both legs can be completed within 15 minutes, while hair removal from the back can be completed within 20 minutes.
      • Cost effective
    • Fuss-free procedure : No local anaesthetic is required prior to the treatment, reducing treatment time without compromising patient discomfort.

    How should I prepare for my hair removal treatment?

    Hair in the treatment area should be shaved prior to the procedure. Do not pluck or wax hair 2 weeks prior to your treatment, as this removes the hair shaft from the hair follicles, rendering laser or Prowave treatments less effective.

    How often should I undergo treatments for hair removal?

    As with most hair removal methods, you will need to undergo several sessions, due to the nature of the hair’s growth cycle. The exact number of treatments required will differ depend on the body part being treated for hair removal.

    Hair generally undergoes 3 stages of growth – the “active”, “regressive”, and “resting” stages respectively – and hair is most susceptible to laser and Prowave treatments during the “active” phase. Given that not all of your hair will be in the “active” phrase at any one point in time, multiple hair removal sessions are required in order to effectively target all hair follicles.

    Hair Removal Treatment Singapore | Active Phase
    #1: Active Phase

    The hair follicle is most susceptible to hair removal treatments during this phase

    Regressive Phase during Hair removal Treatment in Singapore
    #2: Regressive Phase

    During this phase, nourishment is cut off to the hair follicle.

    Laser Hair Removal Treatment Singapore
    #3: Resting Phase

    During this phase, hair is released either on its own or pushed out by newly growing hair. Hair follicles in this stage of growth can survive laser treatments.

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