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    Don’t let your hands reveal your age.

    Do you have these signs of aging on your hands?
    • Loss of volume
    • Age spots or dark spots on hands
    • Wrinkles & fine lines
    • Prominent veins & tendons
    If you do, this is probably due to your hands losing collagen and fat as part of the aging process.
    Thankfully, there are ways to slow down this aging process, with fillers, chemical peels, and laser treatments.
    Hand Rejuvenation

    What is hand rejuvenation?

    These are aesthetic treatments designed to reduce signs of aging on your hands: specifically, sunkenness, or volume loss, as well as fine lines and dark spots on hands. If you’ve been wondering how to get rid of veins on hands, these treatments are for you!

    Fillers are ideal for restoring lost volume to your hands, while pigmentation laser treatments and chemical peels can also help to reduce age spots while rejuvenating skin. At LS Aesthetic, we offer filler treatments as well as our signature Age-Reverse Hand Rejuvenation Treatment.

    What are the benefits of hand rejuvenation?

    • Restores lost volume immediately
    • Reduces visibility of unsightly veins and tendons
    • Reduces appearance of pigmentation
    • Helps get rid of wrinkles on hands
    • Stimulates collagen production
    • Minimal to no downtime
    Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Singapore

    What can I expect during the procedure?

    Prior to your filler injection, we will help you apply a topical numbing cream, to ensure that the procedure will be as comfortable for you as possible. The fillers are also pre-mixed with lidocaine – a type of painkiller – to ensure utmost comfort.

    During the procedure, Dr Kok will constantly check in with you on how you’re feeling. Most of our patients usually don’t report feeling any discomfort.

    After the fillers are injected into your hands, Dr Kok will massage the back of your hands to ensure that the fillers have been properly distributed.

    If you are also opting for a pigmentation laser treatment and chemical peel, a topical numbing cream will be applied to the back of your hands before the laser treatment commences. This is generally done 2-3 weeks after your filler treatment.

    Your chemical peel treatment will be done 2-3 weeks after your laser treatment. Prior to your peel, one of our experienced therapists will cleanse your skin and apply a medical degreaser to ensure that the treatment area is free from any oils.

    The chemical peel is then applied by Dr Kok and is left on for a specific amount of time, before being cleansed with cold water or a neutralising agent to prevent any further chemical reactions.

    Is there downtime?

    After your filler injection, you might experience mild bruising and swelling that will last up to a week.

    We advise patients to avoid doing hand massages, high-intensity exercises, carrying heavy things, or putting weight on their hands for at least 1 week.

    It’s good to avoid gingko, fish oil or omega-3 supplements, and Vitamin E too as these can hinder your bruises from healing fast, especially if you’re the type that bruises easily!

    How long do results last for?

    Results generally last up to 1 year for most patients and can last longer than that with proper care.

    For more information on our Age-Reverse Hand Rejuvenation treatment, call us at +65 6738 4700 or email us at enquire@lsaestheticclinic.com for more enquiries. We are conveniently located at #10-04 Wisma Atria Office Tower, 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877.

    We offer honest advice, quality care, and affordable prices.

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