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    What are the different types of scars and how are they formed?

    Scars are part of your body’s natural healing process after an injury. During the healing process, the body produces collagen to mend the injury. Scars form when the composition of the new skin tissue formed differs from surrounding skin tissue. There are different types of scars:
    Scar Types Appearance Causes
    Keloids Scar Treatment & Removal in Singapore | LS Aesthetic Clinic Firm, smooth and hard skin growths Keloids often form due to an overgrowth of scar tissue.
    Contracture Scars Scar Treatment & Removal in Singapore | LS Aesthetic Clinic Occurs when the skin “shrinks”, resulting in tightness around the scar Such scars often surface after a burn injury.
    Hypertrophic Scars Scar Treatment & Removal in Singapore | LS Aesthetic Clinic Often red in colour, extending above normal skin These are often formed as a response to the deep layers of the skin tissue.
    Acne Scars Acne Marks Treatment & Acne Scar Removal in Singapore | LS Aesthetic Clinic Deep indentations on skin that look as if they have been pricked with an ice pick Such scars are often the by-product of acne, which is often caused by hormonal changes or shifts in lifestyle habits. For more information, head to Acne Scars Treatment.
    Stretch Marks Stretch Marks Treatment & Scar Removal in Singapore | LS Aesthetic Clinic Long, narrow streaks that often differ in colour from surrounding skin. They can appear reddish or purplish when newly formed, before turning into white streaks. Stretch marks occur due to the tearing of the dermis, as a result of rapid stretching of the skin. This is most common in cases of puberty, pregnancy, or rapid weight gain. Genetics, as well as one’s hydration levels and diet, can also affect the occurrence and severity of stretch marks.

    How can I treat my scars?

    At LS Aesthetic Clinic, we have a wide range of scar treatment options, ranging from medications to lasers and steroid injections.
    Scar Type Treatment Methods
    Keloids Cryotherapy – in which the keloid scar is frozen with liquid nitrogen This can be used to treat smaller keloids.Pressure treatment – in which a silicone-based dressing is applied onto the keloid for 12 – 24 hours daily, for an extended period of time. This is also most effective on smaller keloids. Steroid injections – Most keloids often respond to steroid injections.
    Contracture Scars Topical Ointments – Small contracture scars can be effectively treated with ointments that allow the scar to expand and let your skin move more freely, as well as allow it to fade, making it less noticeable. Surgery – If your contracture scar covers a large area and is a hindrance to your movement, skin grafting or z-plasty will most likely be required. Dr. Kok will be happy to recommend a suitable surgeon depending on your condition.
    Hypertrophic Scars Steroid injections – Such injections have been the primary method to flatten, fade, and reduce the appearance of hypertrophic scars.
    Acne Scars Laser treatments, light therapy, and topical creams are all effective methods of treating acne scars.
    Stretch Marks Laser treatments and light therapy – Such treatments have shown promising results, especially when stretch marks are treated in their early stages of growth. Topical products – Such products work to remodel the underlying skin, and fade the appearance of stretch marks.
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