Leg Veins – Non surgical intervention


What are leg veins?

Leg veins come in different severity but in LS we will assess and determine whether you need a vascular surgeon to do more invasive treatment or we can solve them for you. Mostly, the leg veins we treat are superficial e.g. thread veins (unsightly surface blue leg veins), spider veins (thin reddish spidery veins). Over time, there is a possibility of gravitational eczema and leg ulcers if the veins are not treated.

Leg Veins - Thread

Thread veins behind knee

How to treat?

There are many ways to treat e.g surgical or endovenous RF or laser but in LS we treat these veins with:

    1. Sclerotherapy – this consists of injection solutions e.g hypertonic saline (rather painful) or polidocanol (less painful) to the superficial veins. This is usually done every 6 weeks and a total of 6 – 10 treatment sessions are needed to see good result. Post treatment care includes compression stocking and walking is advised. No strenuous exercise e.g. weight lifting should be done during the therapy sessions. The common complications are staining or hyperpigmentation changes, bruising,infection, pain, ulceration and capillary matting (presence of increased fine red blood vessels at treatment site).

    1. Lasers – we use an infrared laser – Coolglide excel long pulsed Nd Yag 1064 nm. This laser can go deep enough to obliterate the leg veins. However, to solve the problem, few sessions have to be done. Of course, if the deep veins are compromised, recurrence of the leg veins is very probable. Therefore, an assessment by the vascular surgeon may be necessary and we will recommend someone who is capable.

    2. In LS, after the above treatment, we have some creams to help to prevent the recurrence and to reduce the marks left behind.

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