Proshockice Body Contouring Treatment

ProShockIce is a non-invasive device used for the reduction of Localized Fat and fibrous cells. It uses an innovative, patented technology called "Ice-Shock-Lipolysis". The method incorporates a combination of two technologies, "Ice-Lipolysis" which is a controlled cooling system that is able to eliminate excess adipose cells without damaging the surrounding tissues and "Shockwave-therapy" which causes destruction of adipose cells by cavitation and at the same time reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The ProShockIce treatment utilizes two probes; a "freezing probe" that works on specific areas of localized fat and a "Shockwave probe" that produces the acoustic wave for cavitation effect and vasodilation for improved blood circulation. The freezing probe is managed by a microprocessor that creates a controlled vacuuming thus ensuring that the skin is in contact with the probe.
Proshockice Body Contouring Treatment
Proshockice Body Contouring Treatment


The treatment is performed every 10 days for four to six sessions. Each session begins with the ice-lipolysis treatment, followed by the shockwave therapy. The freezing probe reaches temperature as low as -5 degrees celcius to allow freezing of the adipose cells and as a result apoptosis.


The treatment for an area begins with the ice-lipolysis followed with shockwave therapy alternating until the whole area is treated. The freezing probe reaches a higher temperature compared to that of the adiposity treatment. The alternation causes vascular gynastics which is most effective for treatment of edematous cellulite.

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