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    Sweaty Palms-Underarms

    Why do I have sweaty palms/underarms?

    While sweating is a natural process in helping the body cool down, excessive sweating in certain areas such as the palms or underarms occurs due to overactive sweat glands.

    How can I treat it?

    There are a number of methods to treat sweaty palms/underarms:
    • Botulinum toxin injections: This is a widely used method to treat sweaty palms/underarms and is a relatively safe procedure.
    • Iontophoresis: This procedure involves the use of a medical device to direct a mild electrical current through water and your skin’s surface. Treating sweaty underarms with iontophoresis tends to be less common, as the surface of the underarms makes it difficult for iontophoresis to take place, and the skin on the underarms has a tendency to be irritated by the procedure.
    • Oral medications: Anti-cholinergic drugs can also be prescribed, but these can cause more side effects than the desired outcomes.
    • Surgery: Invasive procedures can also be done as a last resort, but surgical complications can arise.
    • Ultherapy: This non-invasive procedure helps to reduce sweaty underarms with the use of ultrasound.
    At LS Aesthetic, we recommend and offer botulinum toxin injections as the primary method to treat your sweaty palms or underarms. Our new treatment, Ultherapy, is also one of the latest methods to effectively treat excessive sweating.

    What is the treatment procedure like?

    An iodine starch test is conducted to identify the areas of heavy sweating. A local anaesthetic is then applied to the treatment area. The botulinum toxin injection is then administered just under the skin, at precise intervals. The whole procedure usually lasts just under an hour and does not have any specific after-care requirements.

    A month after the procedure, a touch up may be necessary.

    Are there any side effects?

    There is a slight possibility of bruising at the injection area, but this is a very rare occurrence. There could also be a compensation of excessive sweating in other parts of the body, such as the palms.

    How long will the effects last?

    Patients generally see an 80 – 90% decrease in sweat production, usually within a week from the procedure. While results vary from patient to patient, results tend to last up to a year. Some patients report seeing results lasting slightly longer than a year.

    Am I a suitable candidate?

    This procedure is safe for all patients.

    Call us at +65 6738 4700 or email us at enquire@lsaestheticclinic.com for more enquiries. We are conveniently located at #10-04 Wisma Atria Office Tower, 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877.

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