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5 (Non-Surgical!) Aesthetic Treatments for Fresh-Looking Eyes

March 14, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
They often say the eyes are the window to the soul. And while having an old soul is great, who wouldn’t want young, fresh-looking eyes? People often assume plastic surgery is required when it comes to reversing our age, especially when it comes to the eye area. But with various aesthetic treatment...

7 Acne Treatments That Your Derm Would Approve

February 27, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
We know that sense of dread when you see a zit emerging… and the first things we reach out for: spot treatments! Over-the-counter acne patches! But those don’t always work, so what do we do when we want our acne to go away, fast? At LS Aesthetic Clinic, we’ve rounded up various acne treat...

It’s 2017! Make Over Your Skin

January 05, 2017 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
New year, new you. And it’s not just your resolutions that start over on a clean slate – if you’ve been guilty of not taking good enough care of your skin, now’s the time to fight those bad habits and adopt a healthier and more pampering attitude towards your skin. Here are the 3 resolutions...

The Complete Guide to Laser Treatments

December 30, 2016 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Always wondered about laser treatments and the dewy, glowing complexion it can give you, but terrified by the word ‘laser’? LS Aesthetic Clinic breaks it down for you: what laser treatments really are, how they work, and why there really isn’t much to fear at all. What are laser treatments?Las...

Lunchtime Quick Fixes: Fast, Fuss-free Beauty Treatments

December 09, 2016 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
Be it a mid-day pick me up or a quick beauty fix just in time for the holidays, we’re always in search of non-invasive aesthetic treatments that deliver great results, fast, – think radiant skin and a more youthful appearance. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of beauty treatment...

A beauty checklist for that festive glow

November 18, 2016 By LS Aesthetic Clinic In Skin Care
It’s no secret that all of us want to put our best face forward this festive season. To get in tip-top shape before the holidays, now’s the time to improve on any beauty habits that you’re currently slacking on. We’ve broken down the steps you need to take, beauty-wise, to achieve a dewy com...

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