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    What causes wrinkles?

    Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. While wrinkles are naturally formed as a result of thinning skin and reduced collagen and elastin formation, resulting in a weakened underlying support structure for your skin, external factors can also exacerbate the formation of wrinkles:

    Environmental factors: Overexposure to the sun without adequate protection is one of the primary reasons for the early onset of wrinkles. Other factors include exposure to pollutants, such as traffic emissions.

    Lifestyle factors: Smoking, or even our sleeping positions can also contribute to the premature formation of wrinkles.

    Wrinkle Solutions

    How can I get rid of my wrinkles?

    At LS Aesthetic, we offer a range of treatments to effectively reduce the appearance of your wrinkles. Some of the options include:

    • Laser treatments : Laser skin resurfacing can help remove damaged outer layers of skin and stimulate the growth of collagen and new skin cells, effectively reducing the negative impacts of sun exposure and aging on your skin.


    • Anti-wrinkle injections : Such injections can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead, as well as around the eyes and mouth.


    • Medical-grade facials : At LS Aesthetic, we offer a number of medical-grade facial treatments that can address fine lines and wrinkles.


    • Anti-aging skincare products : Appropriate aftercare products will not only prolong the positive results of your treatments, but also help to maintain and reduce the onset of wrinkles.

    For other anti-aging concerns, such as sagging skin or age spots , we offer other skin rejuvenation services to provide a holistic approach to achieving a more youthful appearance.

    Call us at +65 6738 4700 or email us at enquire@lsaestheticclinic.com for more enquiries. We are conveniently located at #10-04 Wisma Atria Office Tower, 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877.

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